Extratorrent Proxy: Unblock ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites

The best extra torrent proxy site available to access extra torrent. the most famous extratorrent.cc and the most significant BitTorrent system. We provide you with a natural way to use this torrent site. You can download movies or TV shows or other videos using this proxy site. Torrent proxy sites provide all types of videos such as movies, TV shows, live videos, games, software, music or other videos that are easy to download without any restrictions.

Unblock Extratorrent is a torrent site after closing torrent. most kickass torrent file available. There are so many Unblock Extratorrent Proxies available to access different data. Its providing high-quality movies, videos, songs or TV shows.

You can easily get files to step by step. Open torrent sites and look for other movies and videos You can see the movie and click on the download button option and select the quality of the film and start downloading movies.

some countries are prohibited from extra torrent proxies because of some negative videos that exist.

Extratorrent list of country sites is prohibited

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • United Kingdom
  • Russian Federation
  • Turkey

Why Extratorrent Proxy is Prohibited?

Extratorrent hosts various types of pirated content, module material, software, songs or other related content, it will also be affected by the income of the content creator. That’s why the government banned extratorrent sites. it is impossible to stop piracy. Extratorrent proxies are the same as other torrent proxy servers. Extratorrent proxy Sites unblocks for many files allow people to use this site for free.

Best Extratorrent Mirror Proxy Sites

Has provided several unblock extratorrent sites. You can achieve your PrimeWire blocked mission through a proxy. You can still open the torrent site you want for the film to reach your streaming media needs. all the links below are extratorrent proxy sites to access extratorrents Sites.

I hope you understand for Unblock extratorrent sites. If you have a problem using an extratorrent proxy site talking to us about your question, we will solve your problem.

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Most Popular ExtraTorrent Sites & Unblock Extratorrent  Proxy List [Speed Proxies]

The top rated best torrent sites have undergone many changes. In 2017, the original torrent king, The Pirate Bay returned to the top spot on the list of the most popular torrent sites of the year.

KickAssTorrents has been active since last month. Unfortunately, KickAssTorrents can’t compete with other popular torrent sites on the list of the best torrent sites in 2018. This list has been curated based on global Alexa ranking.

The torrent site on this list hosts large amounts of copyrighted content. But torrent files and BitTorrent networks aren’t all about promoting piracy. You can find many torrents that are not related to content that violates copyright laws.

List of the Best ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites

1. ThePirateBay.org

Pirate Bay is one of the world’s first torrent file hosting. In 2017, ThePirateBay is at the top of the list of the best torrent sites in the world. After returning from death, ThePirateBay now returns to using its original domain .org.

2. Rarbg.to

Although Rarbg is a torrent site with an unattractive appearance but one of the most sought after torrent sites. Rarbg indexes torrent files for various categories such as TV shows, movies, etc.

Rarbg was first present in 2008, and since then has lived a low profile life for the past few years. in his first year closed for one week due to legal problems. Now, Rarbg is one of the most visited torrent sites in the world.

3. Extratorrent.cc

Hosted a large number of torrent links that lead to copyrighted content, Extratorrent has undergone domain changes several times.

4. YTS.ag

Formerly known as YIFY, YTS is one of the most popular torrent sites. YTS is known for its many neat, clean and unobtrusive adverts for torrents and interfaces.

The team behind YTS has even released an API for its platform. YTS is also one of the sites affected by the MPAA campaign.

5. 1337x.to

With an under 1000 Alexa ranking it makes it stand next to many popular sites throughout the world. 1337x first appeared in 2007 but was only able to describe its success at the time of the destruction of TPB and KickAss.

With a graphically rich look, this site is visually attractive like YTS. This website seems to be actively updated every day. 1337x indeed hosts many wide but tightly copyrighted files.

6. TorrentProject.se

The Torrent Project is a torrent search engine. TorrentProject does the same work with Torrentz.eu torrent sites, which index other sites like The Pirate Bay and torrents index on this site.

In the past ten months, the Torrent Project has received a lot of attention which made it reach the Alexa ranking of 797, up from 4500 in April last year.

7. EZTV.ag

EZTV is a release group that operates around other popular torrent sites such as TPB and KickAss Torrents. This group came up with their own torrent site after the KickAss.

Visually EZTV.ag is not as attractive as other popular torrent sites and has ad links attached to the main menu. Content that is updated daily may be the reason this site is becoming popular.

8. Limetorrents.cc

Limetorrents has increased rankings even though at that time copyrights were being held around the world for websites that index torrents and related to films, music, TV shows, games, and adult content.

With regular updates, Limetorrents has a section for a list of the most popular torrents and the latest torrents that are automatically created.

9. IsoHunt.to

It is undeniable that IsoHunt welcomed pirated content with love. Around 2012, IsoHunt distributed about 14 petabytes of pirated content. This led to the closure of IsoHunt in 2013.

It doesn’t take a month to return to appear on the internet. IsoHunt.to the domain is now considered a substitute for the original IsoHunt.

10. Torlock.com

Just like 1337x, Torlock is also very well made in terms of appearance. This torrent site indexes more than 3 million magnetic torrents and links from various content categories.

The Torlock claims all torrents indexed on the website have been verified, and the website will delete the link that received a legal request.

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11. Kickass Torrent :

Kickass Torrent is one of the most preferred torrent sites. because this site provides a good quality torrent and shared files with no viruses or trojans. This site serves millions of downloaders every day around the world. The new design of the Kickass Torrent display is truly awesome.

12. Torrentz :

First of all, you need to know, Torrentz is not a torrent provider site. Torrentz is only a torrent search engine, only looking for what you want using the search option, Torrentz will display several torrents more than 45 different torrent sites. All you have to do is just choose one torrent from the list, and you will immediately be taken to the download page.

13. Torrent Hound :

Launched in 2007, Torrent Hound is still an unstoppable player from this field. Torrent Hound is known as the best place to download videos and songs. The Torrent Hound team produces its own torrents that are free of viruses.

14. Torrent Downloads :

Torrent Downloads has become the best place to find many files like games. torrent download This was launched in 2011, visitor traffic and users continued to crawl up

15. Monova :

Monova is very similar to Torrentz, Monova is a torrents search engine. Just type what you are looking for, Monova will provide direct download links from many different sites.

16. Torrent US:

Torrent US actually, a search engine from Bit Torrent. This site provides convenient download options. Torrent US already has more than 22312093 torrents indexed on many popular search engines.

17. Torrent Box :

Torrent Box is a new torrent site launched a few months ago. Until now, everyone who has used Torrent Box has provided positive feedback. Torrent Box provides a pretty good quality torrent and of course, it’s free.

Worth to Consider

KickAssTorrents, which calls itself a torrent search engine, has re-used the katcr.co domain. People who are believed to be part of the original KickAss site are assumed to be the creators of this torrent site. atcr.co has started to fill itself with new content of torrents every day.

Another popular torrent site is Nyaa Torrents. Nyaa hosts torrent links related to anime content that are in great demand in East Asian countries.

Is Download Torrent Safe? Should I use a VPN?

With increasing activity on behalf of law enforcement officials, downloading torrents without protection is becoming increasingly dangerous every day. That is why the use of VPN services to hide IP addresses is increasing.

Did you find this list of top torrent websites useful? Don’t forget to put your opinion in the comments column.


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