Who among you has ever been stuck in a particular place without a power source to charge your devices?

Well, if you’ve been in a very similar situation for more than once, then it’s wise actually to invest in a power bank. Apart from being able to charge when you’re out and in a not-so-favorable place, you might want to take into consideration these top 10 reasons on why you should get a power bank yourself.

10 Reasons Why You Need A Power Bank

1.) You Can Take Them Wherever You Are

For the most part, each one of us wants to get a power bank since they’re affordable, lightweight, and most importantly, they’re portable.

They’re so portable that consumers began to bring them wherever they go. From traveling with power banks to heading out alone for some beneficial hikes, power banks are wherever you look. It was mostly because of their flexibility that producers responded by including many safety protections to guarantee that they can be used no matter where you are.

These protections include excellent IP Code ratings to safeguard them against splash and dust. Also, some power banks come with shock-proofing as well as thicker shells in case they plummet from a height.

All in all, yes! You can bring your power bank with you everywhere and anywhere. After all, it’s a handy and portable charger. It’s a central device that has a small size and can easily fit into your pocket. Its compactness makes it a great purchase. Power banks are a convenient device that can guarantee you back up for your laptop, tablet, and mobile phones.

2.) You Can Conveniently Share It

A power bank is not just about charging your very own devices. With 2 or multiple ports available, you can share the load. While this is a particular convenience, the best part of keeping one with you is that it’s an excuse to speak to people and even make new possible friends.

In spite of being closer through technology as well as social media, there are many media reports saying it that power banks make us feel more alone. If you want more reasons to buy a power bank, how about the fact that it can be used to get to know with another person?

Here’s a tip, the next time you’re at a mobile gaming convention, try using a multi-port power bank to offer a charge for a stranger, and make a little chit chat, and gradually become friends.

3.) Charges Pretty Much Everything

Running out of battery tend always to put us in a sticky situation. For instance, you ’re preparing a presentation on your phone while you’re on your way to work, and your phone’s battery dies. And oh, all that hard work has just gone to vain. This is one of the very reason why purchasing a power bank becomes kind of a need. Moreover, think about it this way, it is not always that you can find a charging point! For such situations, you must carry a power bank at all.

Also, while the central focus is generally on charging tablets, and phones, power banks can charge more than just two kinds of devices. In fact, given the right portable charger, you can charge pretty much everything, such as cameras, portable massagers, string lights, humidifiers, vacuums, drones, printers, lamps, fans, laptops, and Go Pros!

But what’s great (at least itself for me) is that gamers can use their power bank to charge their Nintendo Switch through the included USB Type-C port. You must remember that for many of these devices, a typical power bank won’t work. You need a special kind of power bank that comes with an AC output. That AC output will let that appliance to get the same amount of power it can get from a standard AC outlet from your home.

Various appliances can connect, nonetheless, if their required wattage is above what the power bank can supply, it might not work. Thus, it’s crucial to check beforehand if your appliance or device is compatible with your chosen power bank.

4.) To Get More Fun With Other Devices

You might have bought a new device only to use half of its functions. Take, for instance, consumers that purchased a pricey DSLR to use it as a point and shoot camera. While we’re most likely guilty of not using technology to its full capabilities, we usually do this since we don’t know how to use them or perhaps they need something else.

In the case of the later, a portable charger is handy and very convenient. One of the very reasons why you must purchase a power bank is to get more fun with the technological benefits of other devices. You can use the new 12” MacBook, which comes with a USB Type-C port to charge. Typically, you must charge this at home. But with the use of a power bank that comes with USB Type-C capability, you can now enjoy extended power wherever you are.

5.) Added Style and Fashion

Where smartphone cases were initially shown as providing protection, these tools have now transitioned into a fashion accessory for the most part.

There are a number of designs available with professional artists also patronizing the medium to ink their gadgets. While power banks serve a different function to phone cases, there’s a growing trend since they’re becoming a fashion accessory in their forte.

Generally found in a standard black casing, there are plenty of color alternatives to pick from that can match your device and case. And just like how designers and artists have their phone cases, design firms and companies are teaming up with power bank companies to bring their vision to the world of portable charging.

Worldwide brands such as the Pokemon Company had their line of Pokemon-themed power banks, while a renowned design firm like the Studio F.A. Porsche has just launched their power bank in collaboration with RAVPower. All in all, it’s a quiet revolution, but for the fashion conscious, the right power bank is a crucial accessory.

6.) For Safety Reasons

Smartphones have become indispensable in today’s modern world. A significant advantage of your device you might not have taken into consideration is for your safety. Your phone is your connection to the outside world. Try considering you’re walking home alone at night and an unsightly looking person is following you, this could be a scary situation and can be very dangerous. All it takes is one call to the police or close friend, and they can immediately help you.

Now, try imagining that scenario again, and consider your cell phone’s battery is dead! There would be no way for you to reach out anyone for help, and that a situation you know you’d not like to be in. But with a power bank, you can guarantee your cell phone’s battery will always be topped up.

7.) For Work Reasons

Aside from being super convenient in your personal life, power banks can be exceptionally helpful for your working life as well. Here are the few careers which can benefit from a single buy of a portable power bank:

  • Small enterprises need their phones to keep their business operating. Being the owner usually requires significant amounts of travel as well as appointments. And your device must always be charged no matter what. Or else, you might not gain that huge amount of profit.
  • Individuals working in trades like plumbers, and electricians. These kinds of jobs need to drive from job to job site and are usually away from power sources for long stretches of time. And their choice is either seek one or bring a power bank.
  • A job in sales because they are usually involved in a significant amount of calls and travel, as well as heavy use of tablets, phones, and laptops.
  • Students also need their smart devices for their study. That’s why having your laptop go flat while taking notes in a university lecture might set you back. A portable power bank can solve that inconvenience.
  • Real estate agents are consistently driving all over their designated houses to sell, showing the client some properties, and are frequently on the phone, so a power bank is one great companion.
  • For photographers, so their cameras can keep being juiced up when they are out for a shoot.

8.) For Music Festivals

There’s nothing much more enjoying than a multi-day music festival and partying with your friends, and watching your favorite bands play through fully charged speakers. Making your batteries charged all the time only means that you can find your friends when you inevitably lose each other, keep playing your favorite soundtrack at your tent once the bands are done for the night, as well as keeping posting pictures and videos to make all

of your friends envious. Make a power bank an essential travel buddy for your summer festival seasons.

9.) For Fishing, Hiking, and Camping

There’d be no better than escaping into the great outdoors, but what if you want to stay connected to the digital realm while you’re enjoying all the nature has to offer?

You might want to update and upload your pictures on Instagram, recharge your camera’s batteries, and keep your portable speaker playing tunes. Here’s where a portable power bank can show its potential.

Any power bank would fit the bill for a trip into the great outdoor activities, but some power banks are purpose-built for the task. Some certain power banks are integrated with drop-proof, dirt-proof, and even snow-proof.

Or you can also keep your smart devices, and be environmentally friendly at the same time by purchasing a portable solar charger.

10.) If You’re A Commuter

If you used to have a 2-hour train ride to and from work every single day, you’ve probably wished for owning a power bank back then.

When you’re packed onto a bus or a train, your choices are almost limited on how to kill time. That’s why having your laptop, tablet, or smartphone can make that journey enjoyable and makes time pass by.

Additionally, having a power bank means, you can catch up on the latest movies and news, or simply browse Facebook, and never run out of battery life!


Power banks have enjoyed a meteoric rise in the past few years, turning into one of the most prominent electronic devices you can get. As we’re becoming more addicted to some gadgets, as well as online lifestyle, batteries running flat can be quite the problem.

Additionally, there’s no denying that in today’s digital era, most of us work on our laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. We continuously use them for making presentations, playing addictive games, or simply for reading.

However, in the midst of doing all these, do you want your device’s battery to die out, especially in the most crucial moment? Try imagining, you’re listening to music on your phone while going to your work, and you realize that you only have 10% of battery left since you forgot to charge your device last night. That’s a little issue there, but what if the worst comes like for an emergency?

Most of us don’t want that to happen, and that’s probably the most exact reasons why you’d want to get a power bank yourself.

If you got some related experience about how important power banks are, or how they ’ve helped you a bunch of times, we’d be glad if you share them on the comment box below — looking forward to your story!

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